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About Statistical Consulting Services (SCSWebData.com)

Statistical Consulting Services is a sole proprietorship consulting firm operated by Robert J. Padgett, Ph.D. and a select group of freelance consultants and student assistants. Although trained as a psychologist and statistician, Dr. Padgett has spent much of his career doing statistical and computer consulting and developing customized computer based data systems to support academic research and private enterprise.

Dr. Padgett has over 15 years experience serving as a statistical and computer consultant to several large companies including General Motors, DowElanco, and Eli Lilly as well as numerous not-for-profit academic institutions and agencies including Providence Hospital, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the Hudson Institute, and the Indianapolis Zoo.

In his other life, Dr. Padgett is a faculty member at Butler University in Indianapolis where he does research on the effects of video-games on children's cognitive development and parental influences on children's learning of science.


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